A Quarter Century of Proven Performance


About Patrick


A Proven Performer in Large and Small Venues

Baltimore-area tenor Patrick Mason has established himself for well over two decades as a signature performer of anthem and classical repertoire.  He has performed as a soloist for many major classical works, and he has performed national anthems and other selections for over one million people live, to include over 200 professional sports, college, corporate, military, government and community events, including three NFL solo appearances, 38 MLB appearances (29 with the Baltimore Orioles), over 20 appearances with the NHL's Washington Capitals, ten appearances at Major League Soccer matches, several NBA games and appearances at WBC title fights, PRCA rodeos and many other events.

Patrick's dedication to performing the Star-Spangled Banner in a respectful, traditional rendition has placed him in demand and he has evolved as a fan favorite wherever he performs.  His dedication to excellence, passionate delivery, collaboration and dependability have likewise made him an established 'go-to' vocalist for organizations and event planners alike.

Patrick's Journey

Patrick attributes his vocal discovery to his decision to be a born-again Christian back in the 1980s, when he was inspired in a fellowship group to learn guitar.  Through that inspiration, he was led to take lessons after moving to Maryland in 1987.

Upon arrival, Patrick learned that his instructor would be happy to teach him guitar - but only if he would sing for her.  Patrick did not even know that he had a voice at this time.  Little did he know that his decision to step out vocally would lead him to perform one day in front of symphonies and stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people.  

Patrick always looks at his vocal achievements and talents as a gift from God, one that he likely would never have discovered had it not been for his Christian journey and roots.  This outlook has always helped him to remain grounded, grateful and thankful throughout nearly three decades as a performer. 

Nationally-Traveled, Locally-Devoted

Patrick has always held the Anthem in high regard: as a 31-year Federal employee working with and supporting the military both here and overseas, he considers any opportunity to perform the National Anthem to be an honor and a privilege, whether sung for eight people or for 80,000.  

His local résumé includes nearly 30 appearances alone for the Baltimore Orioles) and nine professional football games (Baltimore CFL Colts, Baltimore Mariners and Brigade arena football teams).  He has also performed over 20 times for the Washington Capitals, and has appeared several times for DC United, the Washington Wizards, Mystics, Nationals, Valor and for many other sporting events in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Patrick is well-known for his signature traditional National Anthem renditions, consistently providing excellent, traditional versions of the Anthem and other repertoire, while fostering an attitude of reverence, respect, honor and unity.

Upcoming Appearances

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